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So I just got through playing the demo for the new Godzilla game for the PS3 that dropped today.

I love it I love it I LOOOOOVE it. :iconiloveyouplz:

The control scheme is a bit awkward. You turn Godzilla with the L1/R1 buttons and if you press left or right on the control stick he just shimmies. The camera is free range, and you can actually get some pretty decent angles because the control scheme is always the same no matter what camera angle you're in. Godzilla always moves forward when you press up on the control stick.

The destruction is awesome and blood pumping and the combat controls are simple and easy to pull off.

Pres the Square Button for standard melee attacks, holding no particular direction has him do a punch, punching three times is a one two punch combo followed by a tail whip. Holding forward and Square at the same time does a 360 tail smash. Holding back and Square at the same time has Goji smash whatever's behind him by slamming his tail on the ground. Holding Left or Right and the Square button at the same time has Goji quickly turn 90 degrees and doing a quick headbut, lightly damaging whatever's right beside him.

Double tapping L1 or R1 quickly makes Goji turn around 180 really quickly and his tails deals damage to whatever is in it's way.

The Triangle button has Goji do his Atomic Breath. Tap it for a short little burst that you can't control and auto targets to the nearest building or enemy. If there is nothing in your path at that time it'll just hit the ground. Hold the button for a slightly longer Atomic Breath that you have a little bit of control over, but not much.

The X button has Godzilla charge forward dealing some pretty decent damage, you can combo this with either the square button to deal a knockback kick or the Triangle button to shoot a quick atomic breath, canceling out the charge. You can also combo the charge move with the UP+Square Tail whip move, great for speedrunning destruction and getting high multipliers to get you bigger faster.

Circle Button is Grab, Where you can press the Square button to have Goji deal some damage either to an enemy or a building.

The L2 Button has Goji do his Nuclear Pulse, while this doesn't deal much damage to enemies as I can tell, it deals MASSIVE damage to structures and G-Reactors.

In order to do the Nuclear Pulse or the Atomic Breath Goji must have a high "Temperature". It's two bars and using either the Atomic Breath or the Nuclear Pulse uses one bar of Temperature. It seems to build up on it's own, but the bar seems to speed up when Godzilla is attacked by the military.

The Monsters I came across are Mothra (Larva and Adult), Hedorah, King Ghidorah, and Mecha-Godzilla 1975

Mothra in her larval form is a TOTAL pushover.

Hedorah can be tricky if you fight him at the 50 meter range, but if you're 60 meters and above you should be fine.

Mechagodzilla is challenging, but if you go all out and don't give him a chance for an assault, then you shouldn't have TOO much trouble.

Adult Mothra is a tad bit annoying with her attack where she flaps her wings and sends forth her scales. Beam attacks won't work when she's like this and getting close to that attack deals quite a bit of Damage. Mothra herself is really squishy tho, a few good Atomic breath hits and she's taken care of.

KING GHIDORAH IS AN ASSHOLE. :iconfrageplz: Like seriously, he's SO hard to beat. You have to be at LEAST 70 meters to even think about winning and even then it's still a VERRY tough fight. Expect to die a lot if you think about facing him. I was BARELY able to beat him recently, and I still expect to die every once in a while if I try to face him again.

There's a total of 5 playable stages, but you can only play 3 in a row and the first stage is a pretty basic level where you wade out of the ocean and try to destroy your first G-Generator. There's a few buildings and ships and military vehicles scattered around, take them out first for a good boost to your size and strength. Each of the Monster encounters are randomized except for the stage with King Ghidorah. He'll always show up to try to wreck your shit. Good luck if you want to prove your worth in defeating him.

Killing a boss does not clear nor end the stage unless you destroyed all G-Generators on the field with the monster boss still alive. So even if your adversary is killed, you still have objectives to complete if you haven't gotten to them yet.

You have health, but it's like Call of Duty style, where the more you take massive damage, the more the screen turns red. If the screen is really red and Goji takes a big hit, he dies. If you manage to not get hit for a while when your health is low, you'll heal near instantly (Regenerator G1 FTW). If you die in the Demo, it'll be a game over, but you can restart the stage or play another stage if you want.

Not gonna talk about graphics because they don't matter to me, but I must say, the monster models are PHENOMENAL.

Overall it's a great demo and I have a feeling it's gonna be a FANTASTIC game! :iconimhappyplz:

tl;dr over.

  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: The original music in the game.
  • Reading: the in-game text (trying to at least)
  • Watching: the Screen
  • Playing: The Demo
  • Eating: Cheetoes
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew


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